Industrial Accidents

What Makes an Employer Responsible for a Workplace Accident?

On Wednesday April 4th, work stopped at the construction site on 1200 Hidden Valley Parkway. A 25-year-old worker who was helping at the site of the Severance High School construction project was injured and rushed to the hospital. A steel beam had fallen 18 feet before striking the worker, leaving him with critical injuries. He… read more

How Are Industrial Workers Protected from Radioactive Waste and Materials?

Employers who hire workers to handle radioactive materials must do everything in their power to ensure the safety of their staff. In addition to employer accountability, regulations from multiple government agencies are in place to prevent radiation and mining accidents from happening. When employers violate and ignore guidelines for handling radioactive materials, people can face… read more

How Does the Mine Safety and Health Administration Investigate Workplace Accidents?

An investigation into a workplace accident earlier this year has concluded that a Wyoming coal mining company failed to maintain safe equipment standards. Earlier this summer, a 25-year-old contractor was crushed to death by the upper frame of a large crane. Mine Safety and Health Administration officials determined that an oil leak allowed hydraulic pressure… read more

Can a Worker Get Compensation If They Are Injured on an Oil Rig?

A Colorado-based oil company has come under investigation after one of its workers died when a fitting blew off a rig and struck him in the head. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) officials fined the same oil company $65,000 in 2012 for five serious safety violations, but ended up reaching a settlement after the… read more

Are Work-Related Injuries and Deaths a Common Occurrence?

A 25-year-old contractor at a local power plant has died from injuries he sustained during an 80-foot fall from a roof. Witnesses to the accident say the man had been working on a roof to repair a panel when his safety harness came unattached. Attempts to revive the man were unsuccessful and paramedics pronounced him… read more

Fracking Accidents: How Can a Frozen Water Line Cause So Much Damage?

A fracking accident in Weld County killed one and injured two others Thursday morning, November 13, 2014. Authorities say the accident happened when workers were trying to thaw out a frozen water line that had built up dangerous levels of water pressure. First responders with the Mountain View Fire Rescue estimate that the water line… read more

Revenue Mine Fined $1 Million for Worker Deaths

Two miners died from health complications after an explosion at Revenue Mine in November 2013. When the Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) investigated the scene, it imposed more than $1 million in fines for negligent workplace safety practices. On the day of the accident, crews at the underground silver mine detonated… read more

Twenty Injured and Two Dead in Colorado Mining Accident

According to, explosives used in the Revenue Virginius Mine of Ouray, Colorado on November 16 left lingering carbon monoxide in the mine. The leftover carbon monoxide killed two and injured 20 miners the next day. Miners typically carry gas detection devices that sound an alarm at the presence of carbon monoxide. A manager of… read more

Rock Springs Bulldozer Accident Claims Life of Coal Miner

A bulldozer fell off a 160-foot high wall, killing its operator at the Bridger Coal Mine near Rock Springs, Wyoming, according to the Billings Gazette. The accident happened on October 6 at about 2:30 a.m. When the bulldozer plunged off the wall, the dozer operator, 44, was ejected from the cab and killed. The cause… read more