Motorcycle Accident

Metier Law Firm has provided comfort, safety, and strength to injured motorcycle riders for more than 30 years. In that time, we’ve learned an incredible amount of information about how to stay safe on the road, what to do after an accident, and how to help our clients understand what they should expect when working with a motorcycle accident attorney. This section of our personal injury blog features helpful information about motorcycle accidents, and we recommend checking back often for regular updates.

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Did A Medical Condition Cause Your Motorcycle Accident?

Many drivers are suffering from medical conditions that can make them dangerous on the road. Some conditions, like epilepsy, sleep disorders, nerve damage and psychological disorders, only exhibit symptoms occasionally, but the consequences can be deadly if they strike behind the wheel. Am I Liable If Prescription Drugs Caused My Accident? Drivers can also be… read more

Zero Debuts Military Motorcycle for Stealth Operations

Motorcycle manufacturers are joining the automotive industry in the race towards electric transportation. Harley-Davidson recently released a prototype for a full size electric motorcycle, but Zero Motorcycles has been leading the nation in electric bike sales since 2006. Recently, Zero debuted the Zero MMX military motorcycle, developed exclusively for U.S. Special Forces. The military contracted… read more

Green Beret Motorcycle Ride Honors Wounded Vets

When service members return from deployment overseas, they can grow restless upon leaving behind the discipline and constant excitement of combat zones. For that reason, veterans seeking thrills and excitement gravitate towards motorcycles. Riding is big in the military. In the Navy and Marine Corps, 10 percent of soldiers ride motorcycles, and 16 percent of… read more

University of Colorado Hosts International Motorcycle Studies Conference

The fourth International Journal of Motorcycle Studies Conference was held the weekend of June 19 in Colorado Springs. The conference took place over three days at the University of Colorado. The first conference was held in Colorado Springs in 2010, and every other year the event is held abroad. Last year’s forum was held in… read more

What Is a Driver’s “Duty of Reasonable Care”?

Every driver on the road has a “duty of reasonable care” to other motorists, meaning that drivers have to drive responsibly to avoid causing harm or injury. A huge part of this responsibility is being aware of others on the road, especially vulnerable parties like motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicycle riders. Cars turning left are more… read more

Did a Manufacturing Defect Cause Your Accident?

To stay safe, motorcyclists have to regularly inspect their bikes for any signs of wear. Broken or unstable parts, strange noises and leaking fluid may indicate that your bike needs maintenance, which could make all the difference in the event of an accident. Regular maintenance can help you detect any defective parts and help keep… read more

Does Altitude Affect Motorcycle Riders?

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is one of the oldest motorsport races in the U.S. For more than 90 years, hundreds of motorcycle and auto racers have tested their skills on the track, which spans 12.42 miles and climbs 5,000 feet up the famous mountain. Only amateurs are fooled by the term motorsport, because… read more

Vintage Motorcycle Show Unites Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Some motorcycle enthusiasts set their bikes apart by having the latest model and the most innovative technology. Vintage motorcycle lovers, however, would forego all those modern conveniences for the beauty and complexity of older bikes. The Fourth Annual Vintage Motorcycle Show was held in Golden, CO on July 2. The annual event is usually hosted… read more

Why Are So Many American Service Members Killed in Motorcycle Accidents?

Veterans make up a large percentage of the motorcycle community nationwide, and Colorado is no exception. Values like independence, freedom and adventure create common ground between service members and motorcyclists. Most people returning from deployment are 19 to 25 years old, armed with combat pay for whatever their heart desires. After years of excitement and… read more

Do I Need Training to Ride a Motorcycle?

Motorcycles are fun, fast and powerful, but they are very different from driving a car. Some motorcyclists believe that experience is enough to make them a safe rider, but studies have shown that even basic training can help save lives. Last year, more than 90 percent of riders killed in Colorado motorcycle accidents were men… read more