Motorcycle Accident

Metier Law Firm has provided comfort, safety, and strength to injured motorcycle riders for more than 30 years. In that time, we’ve learned an incredible amount of information about how to stay safe on the road, what to do after an accident, and how to help our clients understand what they should expect when working with a motorcycle accident attorney. This section of our personal injury blog features helpful information about motorcycle accidents, and we recommend checking back often for regular updates.

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Reckless Motorcycle Thief Causes Hit-and-Run

In most personal injury cases, the central question in the lawsuit is negligence. If the defendant had an obligation to provide a safe environment and did not, they can be held liable for any injuries or deaths that occur as a result. Sometimes, the offender goes beyond negligence and deliberately creates a dangerous situation. When… read more

Distracted Drivers Cause Motorcycle Accidents Across Colorado

The growing popularity of cell phones and other handheld devices have made distracted driving accidents a nationwide epidemic. Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to injury, because they are smaller and less visible than cars. It is important to note that motorcycles also come with fewer safety features than cars. Even when a motorcyclist does everything right,… read more

Competitor Dies During Pikes Peak Hill Climb

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is the second oldest motorsport competition in America. The annual event encourages competitors from all over to try their luck on the 12-mile track, which climbs more than 5,000 feet up the Colorado hillside. Racers need all their skills to navigate the track’s 156 turns, many on grades averaging… read more

Wounded Special Ops Vets Ride for 9 Days with “Project Road Warrior”

Eight veterans of the Special Operations Forces proved that they were still some of the toughest men in America during a nine-day motorcycle ride from Seattle to Tampa, FL. The ride – appropriately named Project Road Warrior – was designed to help wounded and injured special operations vets take back their independence and freedom. Covering… read more

Harley-Davidson Debuts Full-Size Electric Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson is looking toward the future as they roll out a prototype for their first electric motorcycle. The new addition – named Project LiveWire – is part of an effort to reinvent America’s favorite motorcycle manufacturer and prove that they are still a big part of motorcycle culture. Project LiveWire has been described as “sleek… read more

Custom Bikes Heat Up Tejon Street Bike Fest

If you ask most motorcyclists what draws them to the sport, they will tell you the freedom of it. The wind in their hair, the open road – they cannot get enough. Freedom is definitely a draw, but another key factor uniting motorcyclists is their love and appreciation for bikes. Motorcycle enthusiasts can spend thousands… read more

“Breaking Silence” Rally Raises Awareness of Human Trafficking

June 28 will be the first “Breaking Silence Benefit and Poker Run for Exploited and Trafficked Children”, a motorcycle rally to raise funds and promote awareness about the dangers of human trafficking. Hosted by Tania Riedel and Frank Serrano, the event was designed to “bring awareness to [the] community about local sex trafficking and child… read more

What Do I Need for a Road Trip on My Motorcycle?

During the long lazy days of summer, seasoned motorcyclists are tempted to take long road trips on their bikes. It is also the season to attempt challenging long distance rides like the Colorado Classic 1000 and the infamous Iron Butt. Long motorcycle rides are wonderful, providing picturesque views of the Colorado landscape and endless adventures… read more

Eric Levy Introduces Colorado to the “Baby Butt”

When a job opportunity caused Eric Levy to move to Denver in 2002, his first order of business was becoming a member of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado. He soon realized that even a room full of seasoned bikers hesitate when anyone mentions the “Iron Butt.” Aptly named, the “Iron Butt” covers 11,000 miles… read more