Motorcycle Accident

Metier Law Firm has provided comfort, safety, and strength to injured motorcycle riders for more than 30 years. In that time, we’ve learned an incredible amount of information about how to stay safe on the road, what to do after an accident, and how to help our clients understand what they should expect when working with a motorcycle accident attorney. This section of our personal injury blog features helpful information about motorcycle accidents, and we recommend checking back often for regular updates.

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Annual Veterans Recognition Ride Raised Thousands For Veterans

“The ride was absolutely beautiful,” said a participant in the seventh annual Veterans Recognition Ride. The motorcycle procession included roughly 300 participants riding a 40-mile loop through El Paso County, Colorado to honor our nation’s servicemen and women. “It’s huge. It’s once a year,” said one veteran participant. The Veterans Recognition Ride is also a… read more

Could This Be the World’s Safest Motorcycle?

The Russian motorcycle manufacturer Chak Motors’s newest design, the Molot, may be the world’s safest motorcycle. Chak Motors has taken all of the latest safety features found in high-end luxury cars and integrated them into a sport bike. The Molot features multiple HD cameras, proximity sensors, gyroscopes and multiple radars. The cameras are capable of… read more

Larimer County Detour Looks Dangerous

The intense flooding last September left a number of Larimer County roads in complete disrepair. Most notably, County Road 27 is utterly impassable in an area known as “The Narrows.” Construction to repair the road is expected to begin around June; however, Larimer County officials are considering the construction of a detour road. Motorcyclists are… read more

Coloradans Offered Tuition Assistance for Motorcycle Safety Course

This summer, Colorado residents will receive tuition assistance for a two-day course on basic motorcycle training. The course is funded by an injury prevention grant awarded by the Northeast Regional EMS Trauma Advisory Council. The classes will take place at the Sterling Airport and will be limited to six riders each. The course is angled… read more

Hundreds Rally to Honor Fallen Officer

Recently, hundreds of bikers gathered to honor a fallen officer and fellow motorcyclist. Sgt. David Baldwin, a 27-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Department and leader of the traffic enforcement motorcycle unit, was killed in a head-on collision in January while riding on Highway 93. The MC-1 Honor Run, named after the Baldwin’s radio call sign,… read more

May is National Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month

The National Safety Council has declared May to be “National Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month.” In the words of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, “Louisiana citizens recognize the fact that all licensed vehicle operators have the same rights and privileges on our roads and highways, and all motorists should be aware of their surroundings while driving.”… read more

4th Annual “Bikers at Capitol” Rally To Raise Motorcycle Awareness

April 28, 2014 marked the fourth annual “Bikers at Capitol”, when bikers from all over the state ride to the Capitol to promote awareness for the individual rights of motorcyclists. The rally was mainly political, addressing issues like helmet laws and mandatory interlock requirements.  With the slogan “We Ride and AND Vote!”, the bikers seek… read more