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At Metier Law Firm, we’ve fought and won countless motorcycle accident cases for clients across the nation. We’ve been doing it for more than 30 years and, in that time, have come to learn that there’s more to being the best motorcycle accident attorneys we can be than simply winning cases and collecting compensation. We believe that involving ourselves in the communities we serve and creating educational resources are just as important, and that’s exactly what you will find in this section of our blog. For more information from our motorcycle accident attorneys, follow us on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Can the Health Care Costs of a Motorcycle Accident be Reduced?

Motorcycles are a fun, fast and stylish way to arrive at your destination, but they offer very little protection against potential accidents. Being prepared for the worst can be accomplished by educating yourself on how to reduce the odds of an accident in the first place, but having insurance options will further hedge against a… read more

Will Smarter Cars Mean Fewer Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents occur frequently, because other drivers are not paying careful enough attention to what is happening around them. Failure to see someone on a motorcycle is a top contributor to accidents, but accidents of this nature may soon cease to exist. New technology will make cars smarter and more aware of surroundings, and that… read more

Defective Parts – Are They a Threat to My Safety?

Harley-Davidson has recently recalled all of its 2014 Touring motorcycles over a problem with the clutch that could potentially cause crashes. Harley-Davidson claimed that the hydraulic clutch may not disengage correctly, which could then cause the bike to tip itself over. Nineteen motorcycle accidents were connected to the issue, although there were no serious injuries… read more

Motorcyclists Celebrate Veterans Day

The Colorado Springs Veterans Day Parade is a major event not only for families, but also for various clubs that wish to honor those who have fought for our country throughout our history. Colorado motorcyclist clubs were among the many organizations in attendance to educate kids and celebrate the sacrifices of our veterans. This tremendous… read more

How Can Winter Gear Can Save You in a Motorcycle Accident?

November has arrived, and with November, comes freezing wind, rain and snow. Fortunately, has been thinking about motorcyclists during the winter season in their Expert Advice column entitled “The Best Cold-Weather Motorcycle Gear.” For motorcyclists, effective and well-fitting winter clothing and gear is necessary for safe and alert riding. As such, waterproof, abrasion resistant… read more

How Do Motorcyclists Stay Safe in Winter?

As the weather gets colder, many motorcyclists retire their bikes in favor of warmer, and safer, transportation. Those who choose to continue riding, however, face serious danger from weather and road conditions. Snow and ice can create slick patches on the road, limiting traction and causing wheels to skid. Rain, fog and snow can also… read more

ABATE Hosts Toy Drive for Local Children in Need

Nearly 100 motorcyclists gathered to donate toys and time at this year’s ABATE of Colorado District One Toy Run. ABATE, which stands for “A Brotherhood Active Towards Education,” is a nonprofit motorcycle rights organization. For almost 15 years, the organization has been organizing a toy drive to help community kids have a happier Christmas. On… read more

Fire Department Uses Motorcycles for Risky Rescues

The Colorado Springs Fire Department is an “all-risk” unit, meaning it responds to ice rescues, lost hikers and injured rock climbers all year round. The department has numerous special tools to help it accomplish these feats, including a small fleet of off-road motorcycles. The program started in 2001, after the Colorado Springs Police Department scaled… read more