Personal Injuries

6 Benefits Of Working With A Personal Injury Attorney

The time following a personal injury is often emotionally and physically hard. If you try to handle everything on your own — without the help of a personal injury attorney — then you could risk both the size of your settlement and your level of recovery. Here in Wyoming, you can count on Metier Law… read more

You Should Hire A Personal Injury Attorney For These 5 Accidents

Working with a personal injury attorney after an injury is something that many people hope they never need to deal with in their lives. So when an accident occurs, they may not know to whom they can turn for help. Personal injury attorneys work with clients who have sustained injuries from a variety of accidents… read more

Your Personal Injury Checklist: Documents & Items You Need

After an accident that causes a debilitating injury, it can be hard to gather your thoughts, let alone focus on what you need to do to get your personal injury claim figured out. Whether it was a trucking accident, motorcycle accident, burn accident, or any other type of accident that resulted in a personal injury,… read more

What You Can Expect From A Personal Injury Settlement

There is no cut-and-dried answer for how much you’ll get from a personal injury settlement — every case, after all, is different. That being said, there are certain aspects you can count on every time. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss what you can expect from your settlement, such as what affects it or… read more

6 Signs There Is Nursing Home Abuse

When you spend time with your parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or family friend at their nursing home, the last thing you want to find out is that they’re not being taken care of well. You trust the nursing home to care for your loved one and you visit as often as possible to show your… read more

There’s Been a Security Breach at Equifax, Should You Be Worried About Your Credit?

On July 29th, one of the three major credit reporting companies in the country discovered it had been hacked. Equifax claims the breach started at around mid-May and it claims that the personal information of around 143 million U.S. consumers may have been exposed. That’s almost half of the country! Has your personal data been… read more