Product Liability

Are the Brakes on Your Ford Truck Failing?

The Ford F-150 is the bestselling pickup truck in America. However, this popular vehicle also has its share of problems. Now, vehicle owners claim there’s a new and dangerous defect in the pickup’s braking system. Will Ford do anything to make sure this new safety concern is addressed? Should Ford Recall F-150 Pickup Trucks? A… read more

Will 2018 See More Recalls for Auto Defects?

Did 2017 seem to have a lot of auto recalls going on? Well, it wasn’t your imagination. Automakers all across the industry were asking consumers to bring their vehicles in to fix some problem or another. Whether it was a faulty seatbelt switch or a malfunctioning airbag sensor, cars all over the U.S. (including Colorado,… read more

Did Defective Fire Extinguishers Cause a Car Fire Death?

Have you ever bought a fire extinguisher online or at Walmart, Home Depot, Sears or other brick and mortar retailers? Well you may need to check to make sure you didn’t purchase a defective fire extinguisher. A new recall has stirred safety advocates all over the country and if you aren’t careful, the consequences of… read more

Did a Littleton Eyeglasses Retailer Hand Out Faulty Eclipse Glasses?

In the Aspen Grove Lifestyle Center, there is an optics shop known for its high-class eyewear. Europtics in Littleton was even described as high-end by a Denver optometrist on Fox 31, so why is the shop being sued? Faulty eclipse glasses are now at the center of a lawsuit over responsibility and reputation, and the… read more

Could the Latest Problem with EpiPen Turn Deadly?

The Food and Drug Administration is not mincing words with Meridian Medical Technologies. This manufacturing unit of Pfizer has been contracted by Mylan to produce the ubiquitous EpiPen auto-injector, and the FDA has sent the company a warning letter. How did the manufacturer gain the administration’s attention? Is there something wrong with this major and… read more

Were Toxic Fumes Poisoning Colorado Families in Their New Homes?

Floor joists are essential to a home. They provide both structure and strength, so if these pieces are defective, it can affect an entire house. And though the latest floor joist defect isn’t bringing the house down, it is still causing problems for Colorado families. Why Do Some New Homes Contain Toxic Fumes Poisoning Colorado… read more

What You Need to Know About the Latest Takata Settlement

In early November 2016, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration assured the public that no matter what happened to Takata Corp, consumers would not bear the burden of the Takata recall. These authorities said that automakers would ultimately be responsible for any remaining costs. But now that Takata is sheltered by bankruptcy, will NHTSA’s declaration… read more

Did a Link Between Cancer and Talc Powder Lead to a Massive Lawsuit Verdict?

Talc has been a staple of personal hygiene almost since it was first discovered. The mineral easily grinds into a fine powder that readily absorbs moisture, and reduces friction. This has made talc products useful, but there’s a drawback to using talcum powder for personal hygiene. There may be a link between certain types of… read more