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14 Thanksgiving Kitchen Safety Tips

Continuing the theme started yesterday with our Thanksgiving travel safety tips, we’ve compiled 14 Thanksgiving Kitchen Safety Tips to help you and your family enjoy your feast. Cooking Safety tips Thaw your turkey correctly Never leave your bird on the counter at room temperature to thaw – this will create a breeding ground for bacteria!… read more

10 Thanksgiving Travel Safety Tips

Turkey, stuffing, food comas and Black Friday sales – that’s right, it’s the week of Thanksgiving which means it’s also one of the most dangerous weeks to be on the road.  As a Personal Injury law firm, we see and hear a lot of stories that could come right out of the Final Destination movie… read more

Can Police Stop People from Driving While High?

April 20th has become a de facto holiday for fans of marijuana. Now that Colorado has legalized the drug, many people are enjoying the effects it has on the mind and body. However, the authorities want everyone to remember that driving while high can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. How Will Police Keep… read more

Who Is Responsible When Skiers Collide?

To say that Colorado is the skiing capital of the United States is no exaggeration. People come from all across the nation—and from around the world—to experience the slopes of our mountains. However, with so many people coming to Colorado to participate in a physically demanding sport, incidents are bound to happen. So, when skiers… read more

Did Colorado Springs Police Department Discriminate Against Female Officers?

In May of 2015, 12 female officers from the Colorado Springs police department filed a lawsuit against the city. The women claimed they were unfairly singled out by the department’s mandatory physical fitness test, but did those claims have merit? A U.S. District Court judge has ruled on the case, and this ruling could affect… read more

Do Prisoners Have the Right to Modern Hepatitis C Treatment?

Weeks ago, we told you about a class action lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The organization accused officials of refusing to provide the latest treatment for hepatitis C to inmates infected by the virus. Accusations flew back and forth about humane treatment versus cost and the inmate’s condition, but now the state’s… read more

Should the Chrysler Pacifica Be Recalled?

Should the Chrysler Pacifica minivan be recalled? The Center for Auto Safety seems to think so. The auto safety group recently petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to issue a recall for the 2017 Pacifica due to problems leading to stalling. Over 50 people have complained about the issue. According to Fiat Chrysler,… read more