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Is that DIY Project Really Safe? What You Need to Know About Online Crafts Projects

It was early morning when a Colorado family woke up to smoke in their house. The home was on fire, and worse yet, guests were over for a birthday party. Eleven people evacuated the home, nobody was injured, but what caused the fire left everyone stunned. How Did a DIY Project Become So Dangerous? After… read more

Venus Williams Files Court Protective Order in Wrongful Death Accident

Tennis star Venus Williams is being sued for wrongful death following a car accident in which another driver was tragically killed. Her lawyers filed a protective order that halted an inspection of her car from the deceased’s family and their lawyers. Williams’ party states that they want the inspection to occur when “all parties are… read more

Has the Legalization of Marijuana Caused More Car Accidents?

The amount of car accidents in Colorado has increased in recent years. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, accident fatalities have increased 24 percent from 2014-2016. Much speculation has been made as to why this is. Some of the main contributors are a growing state population and an increase in distracted driving, but the… read more

What If Your Car Insurance Company Refuses to Give You Coverage?

Your car insurance is there to protect you, you purchased a decent plan, made all your payments, and shouldn’t be financially worried about getting hit on the road. Then it happens, and your insurance company says they can’t cover the damages. They say the accident was your fault or your plan doesn’t have the funds,… read more