CDOT Launches “Ride Wise” Motorcycle Campaign

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), there have been 25 deadly motorcycle crashes so far in 2014. After 86 rider and passenger fatalities last year, transportation officials are looking for new ways to keep riders safe.

CDOT has launched a new campaign called “Ride Wise,” which encourages riders to hone their skills through some form of training, even if they are already experienced riders.

CDOT Highway Safety Manager and longtime motorcycle rider Glenn Davis stated that every level of rider could benefit from training classes, which help “refine existing skills and prepare even experienced riders for unpredictable situations.”

According to Davis, more than 60 percent of riders killed last year were over the age of 45, meaning they were probably experienced riders. The campaign is marketed towards men from ages 45-54, and uses true stories from fellow riders to prove that motorcycle training can save lives.

Riders can see the campaign on posters and videos throughout the state. CDOT officials hope that the stories will resonate with Colorado motorcyclists and help prevent future injuries by encouraging them to refine their skills on a regular basis.

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