CDOT Uses 80’s Music For “Look Twice For Motorcycles” Safety Campaign

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has launched a new motorcycle safety campaign. Using billboards, radio spots, bus signs and web banners, CDOT hopes to remind motorists to look twice for riders.

A radio spot devised for the motorcycle safety campaign uses a chorus of deep-voiced riders singing the classic Simple Minds song, “Don’t You Forget About Me”. The song is hinting, “Do not forget about motorcyclists, look twice”.

CDOT statistics show 40 riders have been killed in motorcycle accidents during the first 6 months of 2015, and an additional 90 died last year. According to CDOT, motorcycles account for 3 percent of vehicles on the road but are involved in 18 percent of fatal accidents.

The motorcycle safety campaign is urging motorists to allow riders more following distance, to check blind spots, and to never drive distracted or impaired.

How Can Motorists Contribute To The Look Twice For Motorcycles Campaign?

Last week we wrote a blog discussing how motorists can help contribute to motorcycle safety. However, additional safety tips are worth mentioning:

  • Potholes and other road obstacles are deadly for riders, so give us enough room to maneuver and swerve. Give as much space as possible.
  • Summer months and weekends bring out more riders. It is always important to look twice for motorcycles, but even more important during warmer months when more are on the roads.
  • Looking for motorcycles is great advice, but many riders can also be heard. Turn down the radio and stereo in places that involve making turns or lane changes.

We hope this blog can help keep riders safe and provide a means for motorists to contribute to motorcycle safety.

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