Chicago Area Firefighter Brain-Dead from Motorcycle Accident

Lt. Terry Foster, a Chicago firefighter, is brain-dead due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash on Friday, August 19. According to The Herald-News, Foster left a Kid Rock concert around 10 p.m., headed west on Interstate 80. A large bump in the pavement from road construction threw the rider off his motorcycle, and fellow firefighters who arrived at the scene stated that he was still conscious. However, doctors at Silver Cross Hospital determined that he had a brain bleed, and surgery to relieve the firefighter’s intercranial pressure did not work. Medical staff determined that the biker/firefighter was brain-dead on Sunday morning.

Sadly, the firefighter has two young daughters, and he was a beloved member of the fire station’s dive team and golf tournament team. Foster remains on life support so that his organs can be donated to those in need in the Chicago area.

Foster’s crash illustrates the importance of safe roads for bikers. Whereas most vehicles are able to maneuver over bumpy road hazards, motorcycles, by nature, are more open to the immediate effects of one’s surroundings on the road. Therefore, bikers must be careful about which roadways they choose to ride, and highway planners and construction workers must be diligent about marking bad areas in the road.

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