Chicago Teens Killed In Motorcycle Wreck

A community is in mourning after two teens were killed in a freak motorcycle accident on July 5, according to The accident took place in the parking lot of Crete-Monee High School and claimed the lives of Kelsy McGill, 18, and Patrick Boylan, 19.

There was a gathering of students and faculty over the weekend at the site of the accident to pay their respects and grieve their loss together.

“She was very talented,” McGill’s close friend Amy Carollo said. “She was one of those friends you wanted to be around. She was always so happy.”

“Pat would be mad at us all for crying and tell us to get over it,” Boylan’s friend Ian Young said in describing him.

Although it is being called a “freak accident,” after a tragedy such as this, it can sometimes be hard to just “get over it,” if you still have questions about what caused the accident and whether it could’ve been prevented. Finding out the truth won’t bring back your loved one, but if their accident was caused by negligence, those responsible need to be brought to justice. If nothing else, it can help prevent similar tragedies in the future and may net you the compensation you need to deal with the financial burden of their loss.

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