Why Are Child Eye Injuries Going Up?

Protect your children from falling furniture

Protect your children from falling furnitureHave you ever watched A Christmas Story? In this classic holiday movie, a young boy wants a BB gun for Christmas, but his parents tell him no because he’ll shoot his eye out. When the boy does get a BB gun, he does almost shoot his eye out, and though this scene was played for laughs, it actually hits on a major issue for the safety of our children. A recent study has made some shocking discoveries about child eye injuries, and every parent needs to know these findings.

What Parents Need to Know About Rising Rates of Child Eye Injuries

As the 1983 movie A Christmas Story pointed out, non-gunpowder driven guns have a reputation for injuring eyes. Yet sales of air soft pellet guns, BB guns, and paintball guns are on the rise, and so are the rates of child eye injuries. A study published in the journal Pediatrics discovered that between 1990 and 2012, the rate of eye injuries caused by non-powder guns rose 168.8 percent. It gets worse when you look at the numbers more closely.

A 2015 study claims that between 2010 and 2012, hospital admissions for children who sustained eye injuries from non-powder driven guns increased over 500 percent. This is especially disquieting since eye injuries from other activities has actually decreased in recent years. So what’s causing this increase in child injuries? The answer might be as simple as adult supervision.

In 11 percent of child eye injury cases caused by an air guns an adult was present, which means 89 percent of child eye injury victims didn’t have an adult around to guide them. Parental supervision seems to be a key element in these cases, making it paramount that children be reminded to use eye protection. This also means it is important that the places where your child uses these dangerous have proper safety measures to keep kids from being injured.

Any business that provides an environment to use air guns or other non-powder guns should require eyewear and have staff nearby to provide supervision. Any location that lacks these or other safety measure could be responsible for injuries sustained by guests on that property. You can learn more about this from the safety lawyers at Metier Law Firm, so contact us if you need help.

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