Cinema Shooting Survivors Sue Cinema Chain

Back in July, an armed gunman opened fire on a packed house watching the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. Three patrons injured in the massacre are suing the theater’s parent company for a lack of security.

The accusers – Joshua Nowlan, Brandon Axelrod his wife Denise Traynom – argue that the theater should have placed more security at the theater due to past incidents involving gang activity, assaults and shootings. They say the theater has brought in extra security before, and by failing to do so for the premiere of a highly anticipated blockbuster, parent company Cinemark shares some of the blame for the 12 deaths and dozens of injured audience members.

The suit also attacks the theater for the lack of alarms on exit doors and parking lot security. This may play a role in the upcoming trial involving suspect James Holmes, who law enforcement suspect bought a ticket, entered the theater, left through the emergency exit, propped the door and returned with loaded weapons.

This is the second lawsuit filed in response to this shooting. We blogged earlier about a man who sued the theater chain for lack of security, the studio for promoting violence in its films and Holmes’ doctors for failing to recognize signs of psychotic behavior. A theater chain was held responsible for a shooting that took place during a 2005 showing of Get Rich or Die Tryin’ in Pittsburgh.

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