CNN Videos Shows Effects of Marijuana on Drivers

Colorado and Washington are the first states in the country to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. There are many traffic safety risks involved with legalizing new drugs, and a recent video by CNN shows the effects of marijuana on drivers.

CNN asked three different drivers – Addy, 27, a daily smoker; Dylan, 34, who smokes on weekends; and Jeff, 56, an occasional smoker – to navigate a course marked off with cones in a parking lot after smoking marijuana. Addy was already three times Washington’s legal limit (5 nanograms) when she arrived for testing.

Most of the drivers performed well on the test in the early stages. Even at five and seven times the legal limits, consulting police officers said that they did not notice any risky driving.

When the drivers smoked close to a gram apiece, researchers noticed that their driving skills began to deteriorate. Dylan accidentally left the course and nearly hit a camera operator. Jeff drove too slowly and cautiously, while Addy (after an extra dose) drove too fast and careless, according to the officer.

The officer on duty eventually concluded that none of the drivers were fit to operate a vehicle under their conditions, and the drivers agreed. We hope that our residents choose to smoke responsibly. Harmful levels of any intoxicant greatly increase the risk of causing fatal car accidents.

If you know someone who died or sustained a serious injury in a traffic accident because the other driver was under the influence of an illicit substance, you have the right to file suit against that driver. Contact us today to learn more about how you can receive compensation after a serious accident.

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