Coal Miner Dead After Accident at Wyoming’s Black Thunder Mine

WyoFile is reporting that on August 16 an industrial accident claimed the life of one Wyoming miner and injured another. The accident occurred in southern Campbell County at Black Thunder mine. The miner who was killed was 24 and had worked at the mine for three years. The miner who was injured was 38. His injuries were not life threatening.

“…a power shovel was traveling up a ramp and rolled back, striking a pickup truck,” said Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) spokesperson Amy Louviere. “One miner in the truck was killed, with another trapped in the truck. The second miner was taken to the hospital, but apparently not seriously injured. MSHA has responded and is launching an investigation.”

Other miners told WyoFile that a shovel’s brakes should engage even if the power is cut. This is the third fatality in the nearly 40-year history of Black Thunder, which is the single largest coal-mining complex in the world. Les Butts, a miner who was paralyzed in an accident at Black Thunder, was awarded $9.46 million by a jury who found his supervisors guilty of willful and wanton negligence for placing Butts in harm’s way.

Was this young miner the victim of a wrongful death? That is hard to tell. However, a proper investigation by a qualified and experienced national accident attorney could shed some light on the truth.

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