Collectors Wonder If Easy Rider Bike is Fake

A collector just sold the iconic “Captain America” bike from Easy Rider for more than $1.6 million dollars, but some bidders are saying the bike is a fraud.

The star-spangled Harley-Davidson panhead attracted a lot of attention when collectors heard it was up for auction. The seller bought the bike from Dan Haggerty, an actor best known for his role as Grizzly Adams.

Haggerty had a small role in Easy Rider and maintained the bikes on the set. He told the buyer that there had been four motorcycles used during the film, but three were stolen and sold for parts.

The fourth bike was almost destroyed shooting the movie’s final scene, but Haggerty claims he rebuilt it from the wreckage, making it the only surviving Easy Rider motorcycle. However, critics of the sale say Haggerty sold another “Captain America” bike years ago, which he also “authenticated”.

Initial reports said the bike came with three letters of authenticity: the National Motorcycle Museum, Dan Haggerty and Peter Fonda all certified the bike’s legitimacy. Unfortunately, the others used Haggerty as their principal reference, casting doubts on their endorsement.

Other actors from Easy Rider have expressed concern about Haggerty’s motives. Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill actor Michael Madsen said Dennis Hopper told him a similar story about four bikes for the movie, but claims they were all stolen or destroyed a long time ago.

Despite the doubts, the auction was heated. The winner paid more than $1.6 million for his prize, but he got to walk away with a piece of American history (or at least a really good replica).

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[Did You Know: The Captain America Bike from Easy Rider is now the most expensive motorcycle in the world, selling for $1.6 million.]

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