Collision at Intersection Proves Fatal for Motorcyclist

A three-vehicle collision in Illinois resulted in a motorcyclist’s death on September 12. According to the Chicago Tribune, the motorcycle accident involved two pickup trucks and the motorcycle. A red Dodge Ram truck entered an intersection to make a left turn, and a Honda motorcycle, operated by John Flynn, entered the intersection. The vehicles struck head on. A third Chevrolet truck waited at a stop light to make a right turn, and an object from the crash between the Dodge and the motorcycle crashed into the Chevrolet’s windshield.

Rescue officials pronounced Flynn dead at the scene. The driver and passenger of the Dodge Ram had minor injuries, and the person in the third truck was not injured. Police continue to investigate the accident.

There does not appear to be a logical explanation to the events surrounding the fatal crash, except that both the truck and the motorcycle may have been unaware of the other in the intersection. When turning left at a green light, we may be eager to drive quickly before the light turns red. However, a short wait at a stoplight is preferable to causing or being in a motor vehicle collision.

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