Coloradans Offered Tuition Assistance for Motorcycle Safety Course

This summer, Colorado residents will receive tuition assistance for a two-day course on basic motorcycle training. The course is funded by an injury prevention grant awarded by the Northeast Regional EMS Trauma Advisory Council. The classes will take place at the Sterling Airport and will be limited to six riders each. The course is angled towards beginners, although experienced riders with no formal training are welcome as well.

Participants need to register and pay in advance, as well as present a valid driver’s license. The 16-hour course will be presented over two days, all Saturdays and Sundays, starting at 8 a.m. The course was originally $215, but after the $100 tuition credit the course costs only $115. The course (ran by ABATE of Colorado) will provide training bikes and helmets if necessary.

Those who take the ABATE course will not have to take the reading or writing portion of the motorcycle licensing test for the Colorado DMV. Many insurance companies also provide a 10 percent discount on motorcycle insurance for riders who complete the course. For more information and class dates, please visit the ABATE website.

What Do I Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

Learning how to safely operate a motorcycle is the first step to preventing accidents and collisions. To learn more about motorcycle safety, or to ask questions about a motorcycle accident you have been involved in, please call Metier Law Firm today. Our lawyers are experienced motorcyclists and are here to help you.

[Did You Know: In 2012, 37 percent of motorcycle operators killed in Colorado did not have a motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license.]

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