Custom Bikes Heat Up Tejon Street Bike Fest

If you ask most motorcyclists what draws them to the sport, they will tell you the freedom of it. The wind in their hair, the open road – they cannot get enough.

Freedom is definitely a draw, but another key factor uniting motorcyclists is their love and appreciation for bikes. Motorcycle enthusiasts can spend thousands of dollars customizing their bikes and love showing them off to fellow riders. Gatherings like the 14th Annual Tejon Street Bike Fest provide a first-class venue for proud riders to display their work.

On Sunday June 22, tens of thousands of bikers flooded downtown Colorado Springs to show off their bikes and hang out with fellow riders. The annual bike festival benefits the Rocky Mountain Museum Hall of Fame. Features included a beer garden and poker run, as well as tattoo and motorcycle competitions.

Dan Marques, a retired Army ranger, was all smiles as he stood next to his custom-built Bourget Fat Daddy Chopper. The truly unique bike sported several custom touches all chosen by Marques, including bright red flames and a stingray-skin seat. After all that work, Marques was eager to answer questions and exchange tips with a long line of admirers.

Like so many others, Marques cited freedom on the open road as his favorite part of motorcycle life but admitted he also liked sharing his bike with other riders. “[I like] the attention that the chopper gets,” Marques stated. “It’s so cool to share that with people and see others appreciate the bike, too.”

Ed Miller was also sporting a one-of-a-kind ride, designed by a friend in Denver. The 2008 V8 Trike is no display bike, standing strong after more than 65,000 miles. Powered by a 415-cubic-inch Chevy Big Block Engine and sporting a custom paint job chronicling its many journeys, Miller says the big bike “definitely gets noticed”.

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