Is This Inflatable Vest the Next Step in Motorcycle Safety?

An Italian motorcycle clothing company called Spidi is selling a vest with an inflatable safety feature that protects your neck in case of an accident.

Spidi’s Neck DPS Tex Vest comes with inflatable cushions around the neck and shoulders. The airbags attach to the riders bike using a tether and uses a CO2 canister to inflate anywhere.

The vest is designed so that if the tether is removed suddenly (presumably by the rider getting hit or falling off) the bags inflate in less than a second to support the rider’s neck.

Spidi’s website claims that the product works with a rider’s helmet to “reduce potentially damaging neck movements.” The inflatable pouches also encourage a rider’s body to roll rather bounce unevenly against a harsh surface.

Spidi is offering a vest, a jacket and even a full jumpsuit with the airbag technology. The items cost anywhere from $600 to $2,400.

Manufacturers are always trying to improve safety features, but the truth is that motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable on the road. Even when a rider is doing everything correctly, a reckless driver could cause an accident that changes their life forever.

Tragically, spinal cord injuries and paralysis are extremely common for victims of motorcycle accidents. If this product works as advertised, it could help some riders avoid devastating and life-changing injuries.

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