Wounded Warrior Bounces Back After Motorcycle Accident

Gideon L. Connelly lost his leg in 2011. On October 2, he made huge strides at this year’s Warrior Games in Colorado Springs.

Three years ago, the Senior Airman badly injured his left leg in a motorcycle accident. Despite extensive surgical and therapeutic efforts, his doctors eventually gave him a choice: keep the leg and suffer some level of permanent disability, or have it removed and learn to use a prosthetic.

Connelly, now 25, remembers how difficult the choice was for him.

“[After the accident] I was upset. I didn’t think I would be able to return to work. I didn’t understand how it would affect my life. I was scared,” Connelly recalled. His friends were supportive; they just didn’t know how to help.

In the end, he chose the prosthetic. After months of rehabilitation, Connelly learned to walk, then run again. At this year’s Warrior Games, he ran the 200-meter dash in 29.4 seconds.

The Warrior Games is an adaptive-sports competition for ill and injured service members. Individuals qualify for the event, and then form teams representing the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy/Coast Guard and Special Operations.

Connelly reported that qualifying is “not only about your physical abilities; it’s about how you get along with your teammates.” On the day of the competition, more than 200 injured vets compete in various categories, including swimming, shooting and wheelchair basketball.

Connelly traveled to the U.S. Olympic Training Center and U.S. Air Force Academy for the competition, where he finished third in the 200-meter dash and made strong showings in shot put, discus and the 100-meter dash.

The unstoppable vet is now training for the 2016 Paralympic Games. He says next year, he might try swimming.

There is a special bond between service members and motorcycles, but that bond comes with its own risks. Recovering from a serious injury can be stressful and scary, even for someone as well-trained and knowledgeable as our vets.

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