Colorado Bans Open Burns

If you live in the state of Colorado, put an indefinite hold on campfires, charcoal barbecues and fireworks. The state has issued a ban on open burning, private fireworks or anything that would create a potential fire danger.

Gov. John Hickenlooper assured Coloradoans that they would still be able to enjoy the outdoors, as long as they do so responsibly.

“We’re going to celebrate the Fourth of July,” he told reporters at a press conference. The ban went into effect on June 14.

Fireworks will be allowed, but only if they are performed by officials as part of commercial or municipal firework displays. Even then, the local sheriff must approve the use of fireworks. Individuals will not be able to purchase or use fireworks. Campers can still make fires at camping sites as long as the fire is contained in a permanent fire pit.

So far, the state has seen 344 wildfires that consumed over 120,000 acres, according to Hickenlooper’s executive order that authorized the ban. As of this writing, the High Park Fire is still raging with only 50 percent containment.

Hickenlooper said that the state might reconsider the ban for certain counties if conditions improve.

While the Colorado burn bans might put a damper in a few summer plans, the overall effect is a positive one. This has been a particularly bad year for wildfires, and any measure that could prevent burn injuries, property destruction, evacuations and death is worthwhile.

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