Colorado Businessmen Match Donations to Brain Injury Nonprofit for Veterans

For the rest of January, two Colorado business moguls will match any donation to Operation TBI Freedom, a nonprofit focused on providing aid to veterans who sustained brain damage while serving their country. That means that for every donation someone makes, Operation TBI Freedom will receive triple that amount.

“We are committed to the thousands of veterans returning home to Colorado with a traumatic brain injury,” said Liberty Media Corporation CEO Dob Bennet in a Denver Post article. He, along with Liberty Media chairman John Malone, are supporting the charity because it provides “our wounded warriors with the assistance they need to successfully return to civilian life.”

Victims of traumatic brain injuries, or TBI, often have difficulty adjusting to their former lives after the injury. TBIs can drastically alter a person’s mood, memory, personality and physical capabilities. They often divide survivors’ lives in half: how they lived before the accident and the lives they lead after. Veterans suffer disproportionately from severe brain damage compared to the civilian population. The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center says that 178,876 soldiers reported brain injuries between 2000 and the first quarter of 2010.

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