Does Colorado Consider Autocycles Motorcycles?

autocycles and motorcycles

Autocycles or Motorcycles, are they the same thing?Do you know what a Polaris Slingshot is? If you answered no, then don’t be too concerned, most state governments don’t know what to think about these autocycles either. You see, a Slingshot has three wheels, and in most states, that would mean that it is a motorcycle. However, there are some unique features that blur the lines when classifying this vehicle, which can make getting a license to drive it problematic. It’s a good thing that Colorado has finally decided what this vehicle is.

Is it a Motorcycle or an Autocycle?

On March 23rd, the Colorado Legislature decided what the Polaris Slingshot and other vehicles like it will be classified as motorcycles in our state. That being said, there will be special rules for these vehicles because of their unique features.

Since autocycles like the Slingshot usually have bucket seats, a gear shifter, and a steering wheel, Colorado lawmakers say you only need a driver’s license to drive one. This doesn’t apply to three-wheeled vehicles like the Can-Am Spyder, which seats pilot and passenger in a more traditional motorcycle seating style.

If it has three wheels, bucket seats and a steering wheel, then the vehicle must also have seatbelts according to the new law. However, autocycles in Colorado will no longer be required to have roofs that support the weight of the vehicle when it’s flipped over.

If you are under the age of 18, you are also required by Colorado law to wear a helmet, but if you are older than 18, it is your choice whether you wear a helmet or not. This reflects motorcycle laws that are already on the books in our state.

Do you think these new rules settle the confusion over autocycles and driving them on public roads? Will other states follow Colorado’s example? The motorcycling attorneys at the Metier Law Firm will continue to monitor any new developments, and let you know.

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