Colorado Department of Transportation Funds “Let’s Ride Safe” Campaign

In response to 24 motorcycle deaths since 2009, the El Paso County Public Health Department is launching the Let’s Ride Safe campaign. The program, funded by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), aims to educate riders about professional training in operating a motorcycle and the benefits of safety equipment.

Approximately 40 percent of motorcyclists killed in crashes on Colorado roads, from 2008 to 2010, did not have a motorcycle license. Additionally, in 71 percent of fatal crashes statewide, motorcyclists were at fault.

The most recent motorcycle fatality in El Paso County involved a 53-year-old Colorado Springs man on June 8, 2011. Prior to that accident, another 53-year-old Colorado Springs man and a 19-year-old Fort Carson soldier were killed in motorcycle accidents during Memorial Day weekend.

Additionally, CDOT is debuting a new tool to help riders – a motorcycle skill rating map which offers important information on popular motorcycle routes and the skills necessary to travel Colorado roadways safely. The skill rating map was developed with input from A Brotherhood Active Toward Education of Colorado and the Colorado Sportbike Club.

CDOT also provides motorcycle training at a reduced cost for Colorado residents and active duty military through its Motorcycle Operator Safety Training Program.

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