Colorado Gun Control Legislation Passes House

In light of 2012’s gun-related violent outbreaks – including massacres at a Connecticut elementary school and a crowded Colorado movie theater – lawmakers have introduced measures on state and national measures in an effort to reduce gun violence. Four such bills recently passed the Colorado House of Representatives.

Four measures approved by the House and facing Senate approval would:

  • Limit ammunition to 15 rounds
  • Require background checks for all firearm transactions
  • Require customers to pay for the background checks
  • Ban firearms from sporting events and college campuses

The measures passed despite strong opposition. Every Republican and a few Democrats voted against the ammunition bill, and the background check bill passed by a single vote.

Gun Violence and Brain Injuries

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, gunshot wounds are often the highest or second highest cause of traumatic brain injuries in urban areas. They cause 12 percent of traumatic brain injuries across the nation. Two victims of the aurora massacre are currently suffering from brain injuries, and over a dozen more sustained gunshot-related head injuries.

If these measures pass, we hope that they lead to a lower rate of violent massacres in our state. If you are suffering from a gunshot wound that caused brain damage, spinal cord injuries or psychological trauma, talk to us. There may be legal options you can pursue that you were not aware of.

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