Colorado Hospital Offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy To Veterans

Though not officially sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), hyperbaric oxygen therapy is growing in popularity among veterans with traumatic brain injuries. One veteran described the attitude towards brain injuries in the military as, “[i]f you got a concussion, you walk it off.”

During his tour of duty, one veteran suffered a host of physical and psychological ailments, such as “PTSD, traumatic brain injury, sleep apnea, migraines…from then [on,] I was just a chemistry experiment: increase the doses, change the medicine, increase the doses, change the meds,” said the veteran. “It was like a roller coaster. Some days I was fine, some days I was torn apart.”

After two sets of 40 hyperbaric oxygen treatments, he is migraine-free and only undergoes the therapy for maintenance purposes. “The increase in oxygen availability helps heal the brain,” said the medical director of the Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute. “The theory is that we’re bringing oxygen that bathes the area and allows for new blood vessels to grow into the wounded tissue, in this case the wounded brain.”

Colorado Injury Lawyers That Handle Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, the Metier Law Firm, LLC can help. We understand that the symptoms of brain injuries are complex and require nuanced treatments. Often brain injury victims require years of physical therapy and psychotherapy after an accident. Such treatments are costly and long term, and we believe that there is no reason to go through that process alone. For more information about how our lawyers can help you through the recovery process, give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your situation.

[Did You Know: A clinical trial on the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on brain injuries is currently underway at Fort Carson.]

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