Colorado Injury Lawyer Reviews Plea Entered In Aurora Shooting

We have blogged extensively about the horrific movie theater shooting that occurred during the midnight showing of The Dark Night Rises in Aurora last summer. Some victims and families of victims have chosen to pursue lawsuits against the theater for premises liability as well as directly against the studio, stating that failing to bring in extra security for the premiere and the violence showcased in the movie makes them also liable for the shooting.

According to a report issued by Colorado Connection, suspected shooter James Holmes entered a plea for the 166 counts brought against him. Holmes pleaded not guilty on March 12, but not by reason of insanity. Judge William Sylvester said that Holmes is still able to change the plea later to not guilty by reason of insanity if he so chooses. If Holmes does change his plea, it would allow him to avoid life in prison or execution if he is convicted. Instead, he would be committed to a Colorado state mental hospital for the rest of his life.

The judge has set a trial date of August 5. Survivors of the shooting and victims’ families have mixed emotions regarding whether or not Holmes should receive the death penalty. The pain incurred by those involved includes both physical and psychological injuries. If you are suffering from these types of injuries as a result of another party’s negligence, you should talk to our Colorado injury attorney at (866) 377-3800. It is free to talk to us, and we will discuss legal options that you may not be aware exist.

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