Colorado Injury Lawyers Reviews Rabbits Overrunning Denver International Airport

Just in time for Easter, KCNC-TV reported that an infestation of wild rabbits is plaguing the Denver International Airport (DIA). The furry creatures do not pose a hazard for passengers, but are damaging wires and other parts of vehicles left behind in the airport’s parking lots. The bunnies are attracted to the tasty, soy-based wiring insulation used in vehicles built in and after 2002.

“They like to chew on the insulator portion of the ignition cables,” a spokesman for a local automotive repair shop stated. “They [the passengers] return to their cars and either they won’t start or they don’t run well because the wires are all chewed up.”

Owners are paying anywhere between hundreds and thousands of dollars in repairs for their vehicles, depending on what area under the hood the bunnies decided to snack on.

USAirport Parking claims it is taking a number of actions in an attempt to qualm the rabbit feasts. The company is planning on installing new fencing that will make it harder for the rabbits to burrow into the parking lot, as well as building perches to house natural predators like hawks and eagles. Local mechanics are advising passengers who plan to leave their car at DIA for an extended period of time to use predator urine, like coyote or fox, to coat their car’s wires in order to deter rabbits from chowing down.

Airport parking permits state that DIA and the City of Denver cannot be held responsible for any damages sustained to vehicles left in their parking lots. However, many complaints about the lack of signs warning about the hungry bunnies is concerning. When property owners do not adequately caution their employees or customers about potential dangers, victims have the right to pursue legal compensation for any personal injuries that dangerous premises have caused.

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