Colorado Has a New Riding Trail, but Are You Ready to Ride It?


Colorado is the perfect place for adventure if you are an outdoor rider. Summit county also happens to be the epicenter of a lot of that fun. There are trails all up down and around Tenderfoot Mountain, there’s even a motocross track that grew out of nowhere in the middle of a field. However, at least one of these popular trails have left riders hanging, but not anymore.

There’s a New Riding Trail in Colorado, but Will You Be Ready to Ride It?

For almost 15 years, a sign has told hikers, bikers, and trail riders when the Old Tenderfoot Trail has come to an end. However, a couple of weeks ago, that sign disappeared. No, it wasn’t a prank—and no, it wasn’t vandalism either—it was actually all part of the plan. You see, the Friends of Dillon Ranger District, Summit County Off-Road Riders and local Dillon Ranger District staff have been working on a treat. They are turning Old Tenderfoot Trail into a loop.

The first stretch of the construction is now complete. You can now hike or bike a 2.5-mile loop from the trail head of Oro Grande to Old Tenderfoot Trail, and then back up to Straight Creek Road. This new construction looks to expand an already popular trail, but there are a few things you need to know.

Construction is not done on the trail. Though we don’t have exact details as to what sections still need attention, we do know it is enough to keep off-road motorcycles off the new trail for now. Officials say that off-road motorcycles will eventually be allowed on the Tenderfoot Mountain Trail, but not until other motorcycle trails have been connected to this new path.

Till then, no motorized vehicles are allowed on Old Tenderfoot Trail, but how long will you have to wait? The motorcycling attorneys here at the Metier Law Firm want to make sure you get to have a safe experience while exploring the Colorado wilderness on your dirt bike. So, check back with our blog for any updates and news.

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