Colorado Police Arrest Almost 600 Impaired Drivers During Holiday Season

Drunk driving causes nothing but pain for othersColorado law enforcement officials arrested almost 600 drunk or drugged drivers during a pre-holiday DUI enforcement period. The special enforcement period took place during the pre-holiday party season, from December 4 th through December 14th.

In response to the high number of arrests, Colorado State Patrol officials argued there is no reason for people to drive impaired with so many safe alternatives for transportation. This is a good point because safe alternatives for finding sober rides home have become accessible to almost everyone.

As we saw in the recent case of Ethan Couch, the Texas teenager who dodged prison time due to “affluenza”, drunk driving accidents can cost families and survivors everything. One of Ethan’s victims has been rendered completely paralyzed due to a brain injury. This person was a teenager with his entire life to look forward to, but now he can barely communicate with the outside world. In a high tech age of smart phones, apps and ride sharing, there are no more excuses for accidents like Ethan’s.

What Options Can Partygoers Use to Arrive Home Safely?

Apps like Uber and Lyft allow users to call for rides throughout the United States. In Colorado, both services are available, especially in major cities. If ridesharing services are not available, there are still other alternatives for getting home. Public transportation, such as rail and bus services, or other designated driver services, are available throughout Colorado.

Designated driver services such as The Party Poopers or Denver Roadies will drive motorists and their vehicles home. Good old fashioned cabs are also a possibility. If all else fails, set a designated driver before festivities begin. With so many different methods for getting home, it is truly selfish to get behind the wheel of a car while impaired.

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