Colorado Police Owe $1 Million for Wrongful Death Damages

Police showed up Jason Alan Kemp’s apartment in Grand Junction on July 20, 2010. They were responding to a call from Kemp’s neighbor about some property damage that Kemp allegedly caused. Kemp had just returned from a jet skiing trip with friends, and his neighbors claim that Kemp’s jet ski fell off his car while he backed into the driveway, damaging the neighbor’s lawn.

When the police arrived, Kemp did not allow them to enter because they did not have a warrant. According to the lawsuit, the police broke down the door and shot Kemp in the chest, killing him. He was unarmed.

With the help of the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU), Kemp’s family filed a wrongful death suit against the Colorado State Patrol (CSP). They alleged that the Colorado police violated Kemp’s Fourth Amendment rights by illegally entering his home, and that the department’s policies were unconstitutional.

The parties agreed to a $1 million settlement. The CSP also agreed to adopt new training procedures.

“It is our hope that these reforms will prevent a similar tragedy from happening again,” said ACLU legal director Mark Silverstein.

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