Colorado Preps Littered Bike Routes to Prevent Injuries

Jefferson County road crews will be sweeping trails and routes in Golden, Colorado to prevent bicycling injuries for the upcoming U.S. Pro Cycling Challenge and the Deer Creek Challenge. This clean up seems to be a nice measure from county officials, but various tacks, box cutters and shards of broken glass found along the bike routes necessitate these actions, according to the Associated Press.

Many bicyclists fear that the overabundance of sharp objects is not a coincidence. Instead, the Jefferson County sheriff’s spokesperson Jacki Kelley states that people are purposely placing the objects on the trails in order to trip bicyclists or blow out tires. She explains that several incidents have already occurred, but they have been limited to busted tires. One cyclist fears that large groups of cyclists will create a higher potential for more serious accidents, since they ride in big packs with wheels close together.

Although specific names are not mentioned in conjunction with the placement of the sharp objects, Kelley stated that tension between motorists and bicyclists is high, especially in the location where cyclists found box cutters. Cyclists and homeowners attempted a truce last year. Hopefully the groups will come together again to prevent unnecessary injuries this year.

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