Colorado Receives Federal Grant To Promote Traffic Safety Among Marijuana Users

According to The Coloradoan, the state of Colorado received a $400,000 federal grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to promote traffic safety among users of recently legalized recreational marijuana. The federal funds will be used to advertise the hazards of driving under the influence of marijuana and train police to better identify drivers under the influence. The initiative is necessary because on January 1, recreational marijuana became legal to sell in Colorado. A spokesperson with the Colorado Department of Transportation said, “[i]t’s ironic we’re using federal funding for something that is illegal federally, but [federal officials] do realize this is a traffic-safety issue and needs to be addressed.”

In 2012, the year that consumption of recreational marijuana was legalized, marijuana was involved in over 1,000 of approximately 24,700 DUI charges. Businesses participating in the distribution and sale of recreational marijuana are on board with the initiative to promote safe consumption. As such, many dispensary owners are participating in focus groups to ensure that the campaign sends the right message to the right audience.

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