Colorado Springs Police Officer Dies in Motorcycle Crash

The Colorado Springs Police Department is mourning the loss of one of its own. Matt Tyner, 42, died on-duty when his patrol bike collided with another vehicle on Tuesday, July 24.

Lt. Bob Weber said that when he first heard that a police officer was involved in a serious motorcycle accident, he hoped that Tyner was not the victim.

“When I heard it was him, it was pretty devastating,” Weber said. “It’s so sad that somebody so young and full of life had to die.”

So far, police have not released details of the accident or the occupants of the other vehicle. Some witness reports indicate that Tyner’s motorcycle collided with an SUV that pulled in front of him.

“As soon as we got there, we saw that it was a motorcycle involved, and me being a motorcycle rider I automatically felt awful,” said witness Dan Mercado, who rushed to help the fallen rider.

Tyner had been with the CSPD since 1999. The last time the department lost an officer on duty was in 2006; Kenneth Jordan died in December when a man pulled over for drunk driving shot him.

This is a devastating loss for the department, the community and motorcycle riders everywhere. Later this week, we will discuss police officers who perish in motorcycle crashes, and the strong community of riders that joins together in their wake. If you know someone who died in a motorcycle accident, talk to us. Our number is (866) 377-3800, and there is no cost to discuss your situation.

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