Colorado State Patrol Targets Deadly Stretches Of Road

The Colorado State Patrol is targeting a stretch of about 17 miles on Interstate 25 near Fort Collins to increase awareness about traffic laws.

Authorities have designated this section of highway as one of the more dangerous stretches of road in the state, with 39 injury or fatal crashes in 2010 and 38 in 2009.

With a 75 mph speed limit and a high traffic volume, the severity of the injuries is not especially high, according to Wyandt Holmes, representative for Poudre Valley Hospital EMS. Most of the issues really have to do with weather.

“Ice storms do seem to bring out the wrecks on I-25, as people don’t appreciate that the dark pavement they’re driving on is black ice,” Holmes said.

The CSP plans to target several other areas in the state. H.S. Highway 287, from Highway 1 north of Fort Collins continuing 24 miles toward the Wyoming border is one of those. With 12 injury or fatal crashes in 2010 and 16 in 2009, Holmes says crashes in this area can often be worse than those on I-25.

Anything the CSP can do to prevent deadly auto accidents should be encouraged. Have you been in a traumatic car wreck? Are you considering legal action?

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