Is Colorado Still Confused About Three-Wheeled Autocycles?

The invasion of three-wheeled vehicles is coming, and governments all across the state are scrambling to catch up. But did you know that vehicles like the Polaris Slingshot and the BRP Can-Am are illegal in several states across the country? However, things are changing and just in the nick of time.Law Tigers at Salute to American Vets Rally

Is Colorado Still Confused About Three-Wheeled Autocycles?

In Rhode Island, three-wheeled vehicles referred to as autocycles are illegal… Or they were until a couple of weeks ago. Rhode Island has become one of many states that have recently lifted bans on three-wheeled vehicles. However, these states had good reason to keep three wheels off the asphalt.

Back in the late 1980s, a new type of ATV was all the rage. These three-wheelers had one wheel up front—controlling steering—and two wheels in back. They were fast and fun vehicles, but they were also highly unstable. There was a rash of critical injuries to children and adults, and some victims even died. Legislation all over the country quickly banned many of these beasts, but now some of that legislation is proving troublesome for the modern day three-wheeled vehicle.

Today’s three-wheelers/autocycles have two wheels up front for steering, and one wheel in back to lay down the power. These vehicles are far more stable than their cousins from the 80s. This has led to an autocycle phenomenon that is slowly sweeping the country, and Colorado is no exception.

Are Three Wheels Legal In Colorado?

To drive a three-wheeled vehicle in the state of Colorado, you need to remember a few things. First, they are still considered motorcycles in our state. That means every law that applies to a motorcycle applies to an autocycle. Second, you need a motorcycle endorsement to drive an autocycle in Colorado. However, if the three-wheeled vehicle has a top speed of 25 mph or less, a windshield and seatbelts, then the driver is exempt from riding with required safety gear.

It’s good to know Colorado has already acted on this new trend and put laws in place, but are they up to modern standards? Many autocycle enthusiasts are demanding that these vehicles not be treated as motorcycles, since many of them have bucket seats and a steering wheel. Do you think they are right? Log on to our Twitter and Facebook to voice your opinion, and check in with lawyers that ride by following our blog to learn about any new motorcycle laws in Colorado.

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