Colorado Wildfire Inspires Warnings, Lawsuits

Federal officials have warned those living along the western slope of the Rocky Mountains that their region could be at high risk for wildfires this summer. Said officials are coordinating with local and state agencies to prevent wildfires. With National Arson Awareness Week in full effect from May 6-12, officials will be on a sharp lookout for fires in Colorado.

This announcement comes just weeks after a controlled burn initiated by state forest officials grew into a forest fire, killing three people and destroying 27 homes in Jefferson County.

State agencies have confirmed that they have received at least nine claims of intent to sue. Some may have come from an insurance company on behalf of those with damaged homes. Others may be from family members seeking wrongful death compensation from those who died in the fire.

Colorado averaged 2,516 reports of wildfires over the last decade. The state’s fire death rate was lower than the national average in 2008, with 9.3 fire deaths per million people compared to the national average of 12 deaths per million people. Since most Colorado wildfires take place in forested areas, fire deaths and burn injuries are fairly low.

Keep a very close watch on all burning materials this summer. If you see large amounts of smoke, like the victims of the Lower North Fork fire did, alert the authorities and escape to safer area if you can.

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