Colorado Wildfire Prevention and Preparedness Tips

Due to National Arson Awareness Week and the Lower North Fork fire that destroyed over a thousand acres of Colorado wilderness, fire safety is on the forethought of many Coloradoans’ minds. The weather is getting warmer, and with that comes countless opportunities to get out and enjoy the beautiful wilderness. Here are some basic Colorado wildfire prevention and preparedness tips to keep in mind this summer:

  • Extinguish responsibly. According to reports, a few embers caused the Lower North Fork fire that raged for days. Keep that in mind before you flick your cigarette out the window.
  • Use fire-retardant materials. If you are planning a home construction or considering some remodeling for a home in a high-risk area, keep fire safety in mind during the process. Using composite deck materials or fiberglass shingles for your roof can reduce the risk of fire.
  • Plan ahead. If you live in one of Colorado’s high-risk areas, come up with an escape plan in case of a wildfire. Make sure everyone in the household has the plan memorized.
  • Listen to Smokey. You might know of a sign nearby featuring Smokey Bear that says how high the fire danger is that day. If today’s level is High, Very High or Extreme, you might want to postpone that barbecue for another weekend.

With some preparedness and forethought, you can prevent the serious burn injuries, destruction and accidental death that result from an out-of-control wildfire.

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