Colorado Woman Accidentally Shot Dead

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A Colorado woman, 22, died from a gunshot wound after accidentally shooting herself in the head with an assault rifle that she had just recently purchased, according to the NY Daily News.

Anastasia Adair of Federal Heights, Colorado was at home with her husband, Shane, and three friends drinking beers in the garage when she went upstairs to the bedroom to retrieve her newly purchased AK-47-style weapon to show to her friends. As she was heading back downstairs, she attempted to hand the weapon to her husband when it went off, shooting her in the head. Her husband was able to catch her as she fell.

“The AK-47 fired a second time as Adair fell, but did not hurt anyone,” Federal Heights police said.

This incident is being treated as an accidental death by authorities. However, what if it wasn’t? What if there was something wrong with the gun, and that’s why it went off unexpectedly? Nothing can bring Anastasia back to her friends and family, but if her death was the result of her gun being a defective product, the manufacturer needs to be held accountable.

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