Colorado’s Mountainous Roads Prove Fatal For Motorcyclists

Mountain roads are especially dangerous for motorcyclists due to the many tight, inclined turns. Quite often, motorcyclists find themselves over or under-correcting, which can result in a dangerous accident. When negotiating sharp turns, it is important to begin the turn as far out in the opposite direction of the turn as possible. In other words, if turning to the left, start in the far right and vice versa. If a rider does not give themselves that extra turning space, he or she runs the risk of making too wide a turn and riding into opposing traffic or off the road.

In addition, a rider beginning on the far side of their lane opposite the direction of the turn will be able to see oncoming traffic more quickly that one who does not. The walls of the mountain itself often obscure oncoming traffic around tight turns, so having early knowledge can go a long way in preventing accidents. Furthermore, it is important for motorcyclists to keep their eyes on the road while riding through mountainous terrain. Scenery can be enjoyed during rest stops, but while riding it can serve as a dangerous distraction.

According to The Durango Herald, a motorcyclist recent died in a motorcycle accident on Highway 160 near mile-marker 121 to the east of Durango, Colorado. Four motorcyclists were riding through the mountainous area when they rounded a particularly dangerous corner at approximately 3:52 p.m. on Saturday, April 12. A motorcyclist attempted the turn at too close of an angle and found himself going over the edge of the road and crashing. The Colorado State Patrol is continuing to investigate the accident.

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