3 Common Causes of Wyoming Truck Accidents

What are some common causes of truck accidents?

Wyoming Truck Accident Lawyer, Grant Lawson, answers this question in this blog post.

There are common causes of truck accidents that we see at Metier Law Firm.

One cause for truck accidents is fatigue.

These drivers are put under a lot of pressure a lot of stress to get on the road. They’re paid by the mile. They’re paid to drive and drive and drive. They have to follow the federal rules that allows them to drive within their window – but not past that. But it’s a lot of work for them and it can be a lot of stress and a lot of fatigue. A lot of these drivers can be tired and that can lead to them falling asleep on the road or nodding off or just not being alert to the conditions around them – that can lead to accidents with serious consequences.

Another cause of these accidents is distractions – cell phones, eating, messing around in the cab rather than keeping your eyes on the road AT ALL TIMES, watching what’s going around you.

Those drivers know they not only have a requirement with their employers but a requirement through the law, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and the state they’re licensed in.  You cannot grab your phone and use that thing while you’re driving.  It’s okay to talk on a Bluetooth.  It’s okay to use hands-free tech. but the idea that a truck driver, driving a 50k-80,000 metal missile down the road has a cell phone or a tablet or laptop or something else in their truck distracting them, keeping them from keeping their eyes on the road at all times is dangerous.  It should never happen but it does unfortunately.

Those are common, those are real common. Maintenance issues occur more often than they should too.

Tires that have not been properly kept at the correct air pressure, haven’t been properly replaced, or that don’t have enough tread can blow up.  Not only can the rubber and steel injure passenger drivers alongside the truck, but they can cause air lines to bust and cause trucks to swerve. There are a lot of issues with the maintenance and properly maintained trucks. Brakes are another one along those lines.

There’s a lot of different ways, a lot of causes of truck accidents, but there are ways that you may not see right at the time of the accident – such as a failure to train.  Some truck drivers shouldn’t even be on the road.  Did they have violations that should have kicked them off the road before they arrived at the time and place of your truck accident? Should the employer be out of business because they had such a low safety rating?  There are all sorts of different causes that come along the line of what could cause a truck accident, and that’s why you need a truck accident lawyer who really knows this world to get in there, ask the right questions and get the answers.

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