Community Rallies around Couple Involved in Motorcycle Accident

A labor room delivery nurse remains in a coma after she and her husband crashed into a semi-trailer on their motorcycle. In Bellevue, Nebraska, Nicole Locke and Tony Locke were traveling home from church when they collided into a semi. 35-year-old Nicole remains in the hospital, but the hospital recently released her husband. There is no word on the cause of the accident, but the couple’s community is already rallying around them by setting up a fund at the local credit union, according to

The couple has health insurance to cover medical bills, but they have both been out of work due to the accident. With three children, they will struggle to make ends meet as they recover from this motorcycle accident. We sometimes forget that motorcycle accidents have more repercussions than physical injuries. These accidents cause many victims financial hardships, including losing what may have been a main mode of transportation and attempting to return to work despite injuries. In addition, emotional hardships result from many accidents. For example, one passenger may survive and the other one does not, or a motorcyclist may experience crippling fear when attempting to travel again.

The Lockes have an entire network of friends and family who are willing to stand by them, just as any motorcyclist involved in an accident needs.

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