Company Develops Motorcycle That Can Ride on Water

A new invention that combines a motorcycle and jet ski was showcased at the American International Motorcycle Expo in Florida, and it has gathered a lot of public attention. Press outlets and social media have compared the Biski Motorbike to a contraption moviegoers would see in a James Bond film.

The Biski Motorbike can travel almost 40 mph over water and 80 mph on land. By having the properties of both a jet ski and a motorcycle, riders can traverse bodies of water by flipping a switch. In fact, it only takes the motorcycle five seconds to become amphibious.

The transformation is fast, so riders would barely lose momentum while riding into water. Once the motorcycle undergoes its amphibious transformation, the front wheel rises to reduce drag and the bike switches to jet propulsion. Unfortunately, the Biski Motorbike is still in the concept and testing phase, but that could change in the near future.

How Motorcycle Hybrids Could Change Riding

Australian stunt rider Robbie Maddison recently fulfilled his dream of using a heavily modified motorcycle to surf giant waves. The ensuing YouTube video became a media sensation, and riders across the world may have wanted the chance to do something similar without the risk to personal safety. With a motorcycle designed to switch into a jet ski, riding on water could become a reality.

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