Congratulations to Vanessa, Julie and Jenny!


Congratulations to Vanessa Speir who has been with the firm for 10 years this month!  On top of solving countless day to day issues for staff, Vanessa runs the back office with ease.  She is the first person we look to when problems arise and has implemented countless measures to make our team more efficient and accurate.   Energetic, skilled, precise, helpful and caring are a few of the words that come to mind when we think of Vanessa.

We would also like to honor and thank Jenny Walker and Julie Melcher for their years of dedicated service.

Jenny has been with the firm for over 13 years.  She started out in the receptionist position and quickly worked her way up to paralegal.  Our clients often express their gratitude for Jenny’s caring nature, guidance and first-rate work on their case.  She takes the frustration and fear out of the process for our clients and the attorneys rely on her experience.  Moreover, Jenny is often called upon by others as a mentor and teacher.

Julie started working at the firm over 11 years ago as a paralegal.  She quickly proved to be a strategic thinker whose case development ideas and insight are sought out by our attorneys.  As a veteran of the firm, Julie guides the staff and often works to implement new more efficient processes.  On top of all that, our clients tells us how thankful they are for the comfort Julie gives them each day.

Each of these ladies have contributed greatly to our team as well as the financial, mental and physical recovery of our clients.  We are honored to work with Vanessa, Jenny and Julie and look forward to many years to come!!!

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