Construction Hazards for Motorcycle Drivers

Riding a motorcycle poses challenges not experienced by automobile drivers, especially in construction zones. In honor of National Work Zone Awareness Week (April 23-27), here are some things to keep in mind during this year’s construction season.

By the Numbers

According to the Federal Highway Administration, 10.5 percent of fatal construction zone accidents involve motorcycle accidents. Considering that motorcycles make up about two percent of all registered vehicles, this is a disproportionately high number.

Watch Your Wheels

Autos with four wheels have an advantage over motorcycles in that they have four points of contact with the ground, making their foundation steadier. Motorcycles only have two wheels, so they are more likely to lose balance. Construction zones might have uneven terrain, unpaved surfaces or rumble stripes that can disrupt a biker’s balance.

Warnings and Accommodations

As recommended by the government officials, more and more work zones are adding warning signs specifically geared toward motorcyclists. Pay close attention to signs for loose gravel, bumps, uneven lanes, grooved pavement, metal plates or any other changing road condition. Many zones are also adding signs with pictures of motorcycles to designate which warnings apply specifically to them.

Keep these in mind when going for rides this summer. Be safe and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

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