Construction Worker Dead After Demolition Accident

An occupation in the construction industry can be extremely dangerous, especially in projects involving demolition. In Belltown, Washington, a construction worker died as a result of severe neck trauma while working to demolish a condemned apartment building. According to, there are conflicting accounts of the construction accident, since the first reports of the incident indicated that the worker fell from a Bobcat loader.

The worker did operate a Bobcat loader to move debris from the demolition down a chute, but the spokesperson for the Department of Labor and Industries reports that the man drove into debris and hit a piece of rebar. There were pieces of rebar protruding from several different areas in the demolition site. After the accident, which occurred on the 22nd floor of the building, workers lowered the man by crane to the ground so that paramedics could perform CPR.

LVI Services, the demolition company that employed the worker, states that they have “a rich history of safety during successful deconstruction jobs coast-to-coast.” Perhaps the construction worker’s accident was unavoidable, but the presence of all the rebar in the demolition site seems like an issue that should have been handled. The worker’s death is the fourth construction-related fatality in the state of Washington so far this year.

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