Continental Recalls More Than 9,000 Faulty Tires

On August 11, Continental announced a tire recall that affects approximately 9,000 tires sold throughout the U.S. and Canada. According to Continental’s statement, the tires may contain a flaw that causes tread separation or air loss.

The recall affects Continental’s 120/70 ZR 17 and 120/70 R 17 motorcycle tires, which were sold as original and replacement equipment between 2007 and 2014. Product lines under the names ContiSportAttack, ContiAttack SM, ContiRaceAttack and ContiRoadAttack were all affected.

How Do I Know If My Tires Have Been Recalled?

Customers can tell if their tires are included in the recall by checking the last four digits of the serial number, which indicate the production period. The defective tires were produced between serial numbers 1907 (19th week of 2007) and 2614 (26th week of 2014).

So far, Continental has not received reports of any accidents or injuries caused by the defect. They claim the recall is an effort to avoid any potential risk to riders.

For a rider, motorcycle safety depends largely on the tires. With only two wheels, motorcyclists are much more likely to lose control during a flat or blowout. On an empty road, riders could risk cuts, abrasions and broken bones. In heavy traffic, the consequences could be deadly.

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[Did You Know: Continental’s defective tire recall affects more than 170,000 tires worldwide.]

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